An innovative solution for vehicles that significantly helps you reduce expenses, optimizes your fleet management and offers a new revenue stream opportunity thanks to improving the satisfaction, knowledge and loyalty of your passengers through one single device including wifi, GPS, OBD-II connectivity managed by a SaaS Cloud platform

Why choose mugiCloud

mugiCloud offers you a wide range of benefits, packaged in one single device, that helps you improve your customer loyalty and increases your revenue stream per passenger while saving costs and optimizing your fleet operations.

Do you need information?

The on board 4G celular wifi service that your passengers need

  • 4G technology
  • Bandwith management and control
  • Seamless navigation experience
  • Customized captive webportal to grant internet Access

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Optimize your fleet management and operational expenses

  • No need to stop the vehicle to install it, no installation cost
  • Know where your fleet is, reduce customers complaints and related cost
  • Save maintenance time and cost
  • Improve your reaction time rate
  • Information about your consumption rate

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Improve customer loyalty and maximize revenue potential

  • Ensure satisfactory internet navigation experience
  • Get to know, connect and improve passengers loyalty
  • Maximize internet access portal revenue potential
  • Enhanced communication platform to your customers through embedded survey portal

I want to better connect with my passengers

Optimize your fleet driving style

  • Improve driving style knowledge
  • Private wifi network with your drivers
  • Improve fee preventive management
  • Survey platform embedded to better know your customers feedback

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