Business management benefits

mugiCloud provides you with real time information about your fleet at anytime, from anywhere.

You can access your management portal from anywhere with real-time information about your fleet, full tracking report, vehicle alarm status allowing you to minimize your maintenance cost and improve your reaction time against unexpected events.

In addition you can optimize your fleet management operations.


  • Quick reaction against unexpected events
  • Minimize customer complaints about delays
  • Minimize vehicle unexptected events cost
  • Maintenance cost savings
  • Optimize your vehicle time management operations
  • Maintenance alarms
  • Improve knowledge and valuable information about your vehicles
  • Allows preventive management thanks to vehicle alarm data
  • Fleet total kilometer tracking data
  • Full tracking report
  • Improve vehicle operations hours reverting into higher revenues 
  • No installation cost, no installation time



  • Remote online vehicle diagnosis information
  • Defective vehicle alarms
  • Vehicle alarm data tracking and monitoring
  • Battery status
  • RPM
  • Speed monitoring
  • Access from any device to management portal with real time information

Fleet management…

“The number of subscriptions to OBD-II telematics solutions will increase from 9.5 million in 2014 up to 117.8 million in 2019”

ABI research.