mugiCloud is the innovative onboard solution that optimizes your business

Your business is facing daily challenges like providing a reliable and high-quality wifi service to your passengers, reduce maintenance cost and track the route of your fleet at any time.

And you would like to have one single device equipped with all those functionalities.

mugiCloud brings a solution to all the above challenges embedded into one single, intuitive and powerful device that dramatically impacts your core business areas: fleet, route, passengers and drivers.


  • Offers impactful solutions to all 4 main areas of your businessL fleet, route, passengers and drivers
  • One single easy-to-install device
  • Optimizes your fleet, your preventive management and your business operations
  • Improves customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Passenger revenue stream potential through internet access captive portal
  • Cloud-based and intuitive management portal


“Passenger transportation industry must take advantage of the tools available thanks to new technologies in order to improve market share and enhance their positioning within their increasingly competitive environment.”

ASINTRA, CONFEBUS, FENEBUS report. December 2014.