Improve your relationship with your customers

mugiCloud offers you a powerful tool to better connect with your customers, collect and manage their feedback, provide a value added service that fosters your passenger revenue and loyalty.

The ideal tool that enables you to increase brand loyalty, conduct satisfaction surveys, offer customized services through the internet access captive portal and customer big data platform.


  • Increase your new customer reach revenue
  • Advertising revenue, through our Brand or third party brands
  • Valuable data to improve customer experience, satisfaction and loyalty
  • Capture and manage your customer contact data
  • Connect with your customers beyond the vehicle environment
  • Free satisfaction and feedback surveys


  • Internet access captive portal
  • Customized customer data gathering
  • Customized passenger surveys
  • Registered passengers database


“IT-based solutions will dramatically impact the direct contact with customers, shaping a new way of interaction and communication between the company and their customers”

ASINTRA, CONFEBUS, FENEBUS report. December 2014.