The wifi service that you and your passengers need

mugiCloud offers your passengers a reliable and high-quality 4G cellular wifi platform that ensures stable and optimized internet navigation experience.

In addition, you can monitor and manage the internet bandwidth at any time in order to control data traffic cost.

mugiCloud is compatible with any MNO.


  • High standards wifi service
  • Customized and enhanced service that differentiates you from your competition
  • Meeting wifi service requirements for tour operator and other companies service contracts
  • The best possible on board 4G celular wifi service
  • Manage and monitor internet navigation experience to improve customer satisfaction
  • Management and control of celular cost data traffic
  • Communication cost savings
  • Meeting norm standards to avoid penalties
  • Protection and safety against fraud usage


  • 4G celular wifi
  • Cost control
  • Bandwidth management
  • Meeting wifi norm regulations
  • Managing passenger internet expectations through captive portal

The best connectivity available today, with mugiCloud

“The use of onboard wifi will grow 8 times in the next 7 years”

IMS research.